Etkinlik lokasyonu: NEC National Exhibition Center

Autosport International Birmingham 2017

Autosport International Birmingham 2018

Uluslararası Motorsporları ve Teknolojileri Fuarı // The Racing Car Show

Spring Fair International Birmingham 2017

Spring Fair International Birmingham 2018

Hediyelik Eşya ve Ev Aksesuarları Fuarı // The UK’s number one wholesale gift and home trade show

Empack Stockholm 2016

Empack Birmingham 2018

Ambalaj Fuarı // Discover the latest advances in packaging technology, and how they can transform their supply chain.

Naidex Birmingham 2017

Naidex Birmingham 2018

Engelsiz Yaşam Fuarı // Fair dedicated to Innovations For The Future Of The Independent Living Industry