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Empack Stockholm 2016

Empack Stockholm 2019

Stockholm Ambalaj Fuarı // The show is part of the largest network of packaging trade shows in Europe with 38 shows in 19 cities in 12 countries!

Empack Stockholm 2016

Empack Helsinki 2019

Helsinki Ambalaj Fuarı // See and feel the future of packaging in Helsinki

Vietnam Print Pack Foodtech 2016

Vietnam Print Pack Foodtech 2019

Vietnam Uluslararası Matbaa, Ambalaj ve Gida Endustrisi Fuarı // Stay Ahead of Trends in Printing & Packaging in Vietnam

interpack Düsseldorf 2017

interpack Düsseldorf 2020

Uluslararası Ambalaj ve Paketleme Teknolojileri Fuarı // The world’s leading trade fair for processing and packaging

Expo Pack Guadalajara 2017

Expo Pack Mexico City 2020

Meksika Ambalaj Fuarı // Your Direct Access to Packaging & Processing Innovations


Indopack Jakarta 2020

Endonezya Uluslararası Ambalaj Fuarı // International packaging and processing exhibition

Pack Expo Chicago 2016

Pack Expo Chicago 2020

Uluslararası Paketleme ve Ambalaj Fuarı // TPACK EXPO International is the world’s largest packaging trade show Fuar Tanıtım Videosu (2016):


Tokyo Pack 2021

Uluslararası Ambalaj, Paketleme Makineleri ve Malzemeleri Fuarı // Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition


Hispack Barcelona 2021

Şişeleme ve Paketleme Fuarı // International exhibition that generates debate, reflection and ideas to write the future of packaging