Etkinlik etiketi: değerli taşlar

Istanbul Jewelry Show 2016

Istanbul Jewelry Show 2017

Istanbul Uluslararası Mücevharat, Saat ve Malzemeleri Fuarı // International Istanbul Jewelry Fair

Istanbul Mermer 2016

Istanbul Mermer 2017

Uluslararası Mermer, Doğal Taş Ürünleri ve Teknolojileri Fuarı // International Natural Stone & Marble, Projects and Technologies Exhibition

Jewellery Arabia Manama 2016

Jewellery Arabia Manama 2017

Ortadoğu Uluslararası Mücevher ve Saat Fuarı // The largest and most prestigious jewellery exhibition in the Middle East, showcasing world famous names and unique designers from across the globe.

Inhorgenta Munich 2017

Inhorgenta Munich 2018

Uluslararası Takı, Saat Ve Mücheverat Fuarı // Internationale Messe für Schmuck, Uhren und Lifestyle // Discover fascinating jewelry collections, inspiring design jewelry, and brilliant business, and experience the gleaming facets of Inhorgenta Munich