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Vietnam Print Pack Foodtech 2016

Vietnam Print Pack Foodtech 2017

Vietnam Uluslararası Matbaa, Ambalaj ve Gida Endustrisi Fuarı // Vietnam International Printing & Packaging Industry Exhibition

Pack Expo Chicago 2016

Pack Expo Chicago 2017

Uluslararası Paketleme ve Ambalaj Fuarı // The largest, most comprehensive packaging event in the world

Expo Pack Guadalajara 2017

Expo Pack Mexico City 2018

Meksika Ambalaj Fuarı // The latest in Packaging and Processing Technology for Mexico

Emballage Paris 2016

Emballage Paris 2018

Uluslararası Ambalaj Fuarı // International Packaging Exhibition

drupa Düsseldorf 2016

drupa Düsseldorf 2020

Baskı ve Media Fuarı. // Internationale Fachmesse für die Druck- und Medienindustrie.