Etkinlik etiketi: paketleme makineleri

PackEx India 2016

PackEx India 2017

Ambalaj Malzemesi ve Teknolojileri Fuarı // Your showcase to the Packaging Industry

Empack Stockholm 2016

Empack Leca da Palmeira 2017

Ambalaj Fuarı // Trade fair for innovations in packaging technology

Pack Print International 2015

Pack Print International Bangkok 2017

Paketleme ve Baskı Fuarı // International Packaging and Printing Exhibition for Asia

PPMA Show Birmingham 2016

PPMA Show Birmingham 2017

İşleme, Paketleme ve Ambalaj Teknolojileri ve Makinaları Fuarı // Trade fair for processing and packaging machinery

Empack Stockholm 2016

Empack Stockholm 2017

Stockholm Ambalaj Fuarı // Stockholm Trade fair for innovations in packaging technology

Vietnam Print Pack Foodtech 2016

Vietnam Print Pack Foodtech 2017

Vietnam Uluslararası Matbaa, Ambalaj ve Gida Endustrisi Fuarı // Vietnam International Printing & Packaging Industry Exhibition

KazUpack Almaty 2016

KazUpack Almaty 2017

Uluslararası Ambalaj teknolojileri ve Malzemeleri, Baskı, Reklam ve Tasarım Fuarı // Kazakhstan International Packaging, Tare, Label and Printing Exhibition

Empack Stockholm 2016

Empack Madrid 2017

Madrid Ambalaj Fuarı // Madrid Trade fair for innovations in packaging technology

Empack Stockholm 2016

Empack Birmingham 2018

Ambalaj Fuarı // Discover the latest advances in packaging technology, and how they can transform their supply chain.

Empack Stockholm 2016

Empack Utrecht 2018

Ambalaj Fuarı // Empack is serving the Dutch packaging community for all professionals involved with packaging