Etkinlik etiketi: takı

Artist Istanbul 2016

Artist Istanbul 2017

ARTIST Uluslararası İstanbul Sanat Fuarı // ARTIST International Istanbul Art Fair

Dubai International Jewellery Week 2016

VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show 2017

Uluslararası Kuyumculuk Fuarı // The unique jewellery event designed for trade and consumers in Dubai.

Jewellery Arabia Manama 2016

Jewellery Arabia Manama 2017

Ortadoğu Uluslararası Mücevher ve Saat Fuarı // The largest and most prestigious jewellery exhibition in the Middle East, showcasing world famous names and unique designers from across the globe.

Spring Fair International Birmingham 2017

Spring Fair International Birmingham 2018

Hediyelik Eşya ve Ev Aksesuarları Fuarı // The UK’s number one wholesale gift and home trade show

Beautyworld Japan Fukuoka 2017

Beautyworld Japan Fukuoka 2018

Japonya Fukuoka Uluslararası Kozmetik ve Güzellik Fuarı // The leading beauty event in the Kyushu region

Inhorgenta Munich 2017

Inhorgenta Munich 2018

Uluslararası Takı, Saat Ve Mücheverat Fuarı // Internationale Messe für Schmuck, Uhren und Lifestyle // Discover fascinating jewelry collections, inspiring design jewelry, and brilliant business, and experience the gleaming facets of Inhorgenta Munich

Baselworld 2017

Baselworld 2018

Saat, Mücevher Takı Fuarı // The World Watch and Jewellery Show // Messe für Uhren und Schmuck

Beautyworld Japan Fukuoka 2017

Beautyworld Japan Tokyo 2018

Japonya Tokyo Uluslararası Kozmetik ve Güzellik Fuarı // A brand new stage for Beautyworld Japan