Applicable materials for jaw crusher machines

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    Many different types of materials can be crushed using jaw crushers, including:

    Materials like granite, basalt, and quartz are tough and abrasive.
    Sandstone and limestone are examples of soft, less abrasive materials.
    Waste from construction and demolition
    Asphalt and concrete
    Metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous
    Coal, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, and other ores and minerals
    The hardness, abrasiveness, size, and shape of the material are all crucial factors to take into account when choosing materials for jaw crusher machines. Stronger and more resilient materials, like manganese steel or high chrome iron, will be needed for the jaw plates and liners for processing harder and more abrasive materials. Less wear-resistant materials, like cast iron or carbon steel, can be used in the processing of softer materials.

    The material’s size and shape should also be taken into account because larger and more atypically formed materials may need larger feed holes and more powerful crushing pressures than smaller, more consistently sized ones. The choice of material for a jaw crusher will ultimately depend on the application in question as well as the required output size and shape.

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