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Medasan company has been operating since 2005. In its 3500 sqm production facility headquartered in Antalya, it has been.

We are manufacturing ; Air cooled system,Cold room,Cold room devices,Cold room doors,Cold room hinged door,Cold room hinged doors,Cold room sliding doors,Cold room swing doors,Cold room systems,Cooling systems,Flat panels,Flat sandwich panels,Floor panels,Floor sandwich panels,Hinged doors,Industrial cooling systems,Ribbed panels,Ribbed sandwich panels,Sandwich panels,Semi-modular cold rooms,Sliding doors,Swing doors,Water cooled systems.

We looking for new parthners and costumers.

Mesaj Gönder
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Profcold Soğuk Oda

Engineering services in the design, development, production planning and maintenance of heating, cooling, air-conditioning and cold room systems. Central systems, underfloor heating systems, air cirulation and all kind of air-conditioning activities are the expertise fields of Medasan. The company offers projects, contracting and engineering services with expert staff in heating, cooling, air-conditioning and cold room systems for villas, residences, commercial and industrial institutions and keeps on providing cutting edge solutions that meet customers and projects needs.


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