Casvaa Coffee

Casvaa Coffee

Üçevler, 2. Dilan Sk. No:10, 16120 Nilüfer/Bursa, Türkiye

As the Casvaa family, we aimed to produce the most special flavors in coffee and tea. Casvaa produces the raw materials of not only coffee consuming coffee lovers, but also specialty coffee plants. Casvaa manufactures niche products of the highest quality in the field of coffee and tea, with appropriate and development arms. Casvaa is a 40-year production company in Turkey and has been the pioneer of many new coffee varieties. To enable us to reach different cultures and different tastes. In this way, it becomes a coffee that best develops coffee aromas related to coffee review and experience, as in the global arena. Our brand Casvaa, which has many years of experience and local experience, aims to find the most flavors and ingredients for new tastes of chocolate aromas such as coffee, hot, hot, discounted food. For this reason, coffee festivals and special tasting organizations are organized to introduce the aroma of Casvaa to the whole world, and to learn about the popular flavors.

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