Emos Digital Measurement Systems

Emos Digital Measurement Systems

Devlet Mh., Kızılay Meydani, 06900 Ankara/Ankara, Turkey

The EMOS80 and EMOS100 Series Digital Coordinate Reading Screens are designed for maximum productivity and performance from all metalworking machines.

EMOS80 and EMOS100 with 2-, 3- and 4-axis options have 1,000 memory programs with powerful memory.

There are 5 different menu language options; Turkish, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

The MLC310 and MLC320 Series magnetic linear rulers are compactly designed and operate contactlessly with the reader sensor unit housed in an aluminum profile.

It can work comfortably under severe environmental conditions than optical rulers. The electronic components and the stainless steel ruler unit are at the highest level of safety with IP67 protection class and liquid and dust protection feature.

The MLC310 and MLC320 Series consists of a magnetic linear ruler, an aluminum profile ruler and a contactless reader sensor. The system is magnetic, that is, non-friction, since it makes contactless measurements.

Ideal solution for use in harsh environments where machining is done. Double seal technology is used.

They are not affected by water, dust, dirt and vibration. It is used for machine tools and automation systems where safe and high precision is required.

Magnetic reading system,
1 μm to 62.5 μm Resolution Resolution Value 0.001 – 0.005 – 0.010 – 0.025 – 0.050 and 0.0625 mm
± 0,005 mm accuracy
IP67 Protection Class
Stroke Ratings up to 100 meters
Nursing, toza, water and oil resistant structure
Easy mounting with wide mounting tolerances
Stainless steel body
A, / A, B, / B and Z / Z Reference signals
Push-pull, TTL or RS422 line driver Output Signals

Our devices are EAE-SINO-EASSON-FAGOR-OPTIMA-ISKRA-DITRON-SONNE-DELOS-ATEK-ELECTRONICA and so on. Can work in harmony with brands.

We also ask you to specify your device brand in your equivalent Product Orders.

Turkey ‘s all over our 7/24 service is available.


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