RCG Sea Food Business | Dakar

RCG Sea Food Business | Dakar

Dakar, Sénégal

We are Turkish Origin seafood processor and exporter located in Senegal/Dakar.
Greatly experienced for over 35 year in the export of fresh, frozen,dried and living seafood products.

We are a CE approval and registered fishery Company close from Dakar port and airport which processes both fresh and frozen seafoods together.

The team of RCG Seafood Business SUARL is presenting the highest quality seafood with competitive marketplace prices.

Service: we try wherever possible to respond to the request of our customers.(European, Asia, USA, …)
Quality: All Products to be treated under the rules of International COLD CHAIN Standarts.
By being specialized in the export of seafood, RCG Seafood Business SUARL is proud to make a point of guaranteeing daily sales of extremely fresh products. To make it possible, Rcg only accept and process the Daily ,’’A’’ Grade Raw Materials only.
Sources: We are collecting our Raw Materials from Senegal,Mauritania,Gambia,Guinea Conakry,Guinea Bissao according to the term and the conditions of the business.

Countries in our Destribution List:

Turkey, Greece, Portugal, France,Uk, Albenia, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Croatia, Netherland, Jordan, Algeria, Lebanon, Israel, Uae, S.Arabia, S.Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong.

Products are in our Processing List:

a) Fresh Seafoods
b) Frozen Seafoods
c) Dried Seafoods
d) Processed Seafoods

Products in our list (generally):

Ribbon Fish,Pandora,White Grouper/Black Grouper/Yellow Grouper/Golden Grouper/Red Seabream/Common Seabream/White Seabream/Black Seabream/Scorpion Fish/Capitane/Croaker/Gray Seabream/Red Mullet/Blue Fish/Red Snapper/Bluespotted Seabass/Spotted Seabream/Barracuda/Brotula/Pompano/Greater Amberjack/Sompatt/Leich/John Dory/Zebre Fish/Spanish Mackerel/Dentex/Large Eye Dentex/African Dentex/Merlan/Products for African Markets (Mix Afric)

Cephalopods:Cuttlefish/Octopus Vulgaris/Loligo Vulgaris

Pelagic Seafoods: Atlantic Mackerel/Pacific Mackerel/Sardinella Aurita/Little Tunny/Skipjack Tuna/Sarda Sarda/YF Tuna/Black Marlin/Sword Fish/Sailfish/Mahi Mahi

Flat Fishes: Sole Long/Sole Tigre/Atlantic Sole/Flounder/Turbot

Shelled Products: Blue Crab/Tiger Shrimp/Flowered Shrimp/Brown Shrimp/Green Lobster/Top Shell Meat/Cigal

Dried Seafoods: Fish Maws/Sea Cucumbers

Aquaculturel Products : Seabass/Seabream/Meagre(Corvina)

Processed Products:
Ribbon Fish /Sole Fish/Red Mullet/Croaker/Brotula/Zebre Fish/Cat Fish/Shrimp/Lobster/Grey Mullet ROE

Frozen Seafoods:
Sole Long/Tiger Sole/Saint Pierre/Croaker/Ribbon Fish Hook Catch/Ribbon Fish Net Catch/Horse Mackerel/Sardinella Aurita/Mackerel/Little Tunny/Red Mullet/Red Pandora/Red Seabream/Tiger Shrimp/Blue Crab/Brown Shrimp/White Grouper/Black Grouper/African Fishes/Lobster and others..

Our mean goal is presenting the highest quality seafood with competitive prices markets
That’s why we every time would have to how to provide maximum satisfactions to our customers by providing how in quite daily products and on time shipments

We have large experiences to collect high quality seafoods from its many sources according to its high season

And we have large experience about to keep the fishes as fresh as possible.

We should be gladeful to see you as one of our satisfied Customer in near future,

Best Wishes


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