Venge Kahve Zamani | Roastery

Venge Kahve Zamani | Roastery

Yeni Mahalle Mahallesi, Batı Sokak No:14, 34893 Pendik/İstanbul, Türkiye

Venge Kahve Zamani Roastery was established in January 2012 with the focus on creating a great tasting sustainable grown and traded coffee.

As a principle we don’t blend any of our coffees to showcase the characteristics of a single coffee and to honor the dedicated farm work. It is important to us to keep all our coffees pure and clean. Working with distinct terroir is a lot easier than using blends – all beans are uniform and of highest gradings.

Our roast style is rather light to bring out the full flavor profile of a bean and not to change it. Our aim is to produce clean and consistent coffee of highest quality.

We use a 2012 Ambex Roast machine which has been completely overhauled with latest technology, direct engines, larger cooling tray and powerful air flow.

We cup and taste our coffees systematically. With each cup served comes experience in the accuracy with temperature, equipment, operation, and raw materials in particular. Coffee is a delicate product affecting thousands of people’s lives.

All of our coffee is traceable and roasted by our roasters with a clear vision of how our coffee should taste. We roast the coffee in small batches, slowly and carefully so that as many of the bean’s 800 potential aromas are preserved and developed.

Our coffee is sold to resellers and directly to consumers around the community. We believe that transparency in pricing and method benefits both the end consumer and the producer
Our Coffee is always fresh and freshly roasted coffee – produced sustainably and sensitively handled.

We aim to reduce every distraction from your coffee enjoyment to the max – to enable the purest and highest quality coffee experience possible.

Let us be your coffee partner. We work with offices, restaurants, passionate food makers and speciality coffee shops. All have one thing in common: They are looking to improve their coffee quality with us and they want to grow their knowledge. This is what we are strong at: All of our wholesale customers are building a cult around their coffee business and create a sustainable, healthy business. Your customers will return to come for another perfect cup of coffee – our two coffee bars are great examples for this.

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