Woman’s Hair Transplant Center

Woman’s Hair Transplant Center

Dikilitaş mahallesi emirhan caddesi Dizdar Apartmanı No:117 D:3 Beşiktaş İstanbul

Special for Women, Women’s Hair Transplant Center with Women’s Teams!

Woman’s Hair Transplant Center is an organization that makes hair transplants and hair treatment with a team entirely composed of women experts as a first in Turkey.

Our Services:

Under the supervision of your Plastic Surgery Specialist; experienced, professional and all women with a team of experts.

-We do our operations in full-fledged hospitals, in a sterile and safe environment.

FUE method which is accepted in successful countries in the world in hair transplantation; We add our own knowledge, experience and experience in the most perfect way.

We provide 100% naturalness in donor area and balding areas where your hair is transplanted.

The most important feature that distinguishes us from other hair transplantation centers is to guarantee the number of grafts which is a very important detail in hair transplantation.

We perform our operations in a single session with maximum graft transplantation without the need for another session. Thanks to this principle, 90% of our patients do not need a second session is one of the biggest factors in choosing us.

By informing our patients about the actual number of grafts as a whole number in the preliminary examinations, we prevent them from encountering surprise budgets and we provide their natural hair with the grafts they actually need.

In case our patients deem necessary, we provide you with the opportunity to watch the interviews of our patients who have had hair transplantation done in our center beforehand or to meet one-on-one and find answers to your questions.

We invite you to experience the free hair examination and the hospitality of Woman’s Hair Transplant Center.

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