Wish You A Happy New Year (Mutlu Yıllar)

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    The winter holidays can seem like a magical time of year. The lights and music of the season can be uplifting. Different peoples have their own unique holidays. And each holiday has its own rich history and beauty. But New Years Day is almost universal worldwide.

    A new year unites us in terms of thoughts and dreams. Many see the dawn of a new year as the turning of a new page and fresh start. Whatever your goals for the year ahead may be – healthier habits, a better outlook on life, learning a new language, going back to school, starting a new business… good luck to you. May you achieve the things you hope to do!

    May your troubles be small and your joys big. To all who read this… I wish you and your loved ones happiness, good health, and success for the year ahead!

    Mutlu Yıllar!

    Avukat Timur Akpinar

    (718) 224-9824


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