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    Scarf – Shaw – Small scarf (Foulard) – Tulle – Pareo – Flag – Peshtamal – Towel production …

    Our company which performs domestic and international sales makes wholesale sales with its brands “Belle Donne”, “İkra Eşarp”, “HD İpek”, “Camelia Scarf”, “Evitare”, “Modadieste” brands.

    In addition, we manufacture our customers freely in their own brand name ..

    In our company;
    * Weaving
    * Empire Printing
    * Sublimation Printing
    * Apparel (Hand Stitch, Machine Stitch, Iron, Pack, etc.) services are provided.

    Besides, the products and services manufactured in our company are as follows;

    * Pashmina Shaw Varieties (Tassels, Fringed, Light, Varak Printed, Flocked Printed, Sublimation Pattern Printed, Part Printed etc.)
    * Double Color Taffeta Shawl and Scarf Types (Cardion Model Shawl)
    * Chiffon Shawl and Chiffon Scarf
    * Jacquard Shawl and Jacquard Scarf
    * Lace / Sweeper Shawl and Lace / Sweeper Scarf
    * Rayon Shark and Rayon Shawl
    * Twill Shawl and Twill Scarf
    * Cotton Shawl and Cotton Scarf
    * Check Pattern Shawl and Scarf
    * Medina Silk Scarf and Medine Silk Shawl
    * Shoe / Pusher Shawl and Scarf
    * Scarf and Weft Types
    * Scalloped Shawl
    * Dubai Cashmere Scarf
    * Butterfly Pattern Chiffon Shawl
    * Mami Fabric Scarf
    * Haitian Cloth Shawl – Scarf
    * Digital Printing Scarf and Digital Printing Shawl
    * Silk Scarf – Shawl – Scarf – Tie – Handkerchief
    * Pareo, Bikini Swimwear
    * Production of peştamal etc.
    * Flags

    Contact us for your order and wholesale purchases.

    HD Gurup

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