PKM-12 Fleischwolf mit Kühlung

PKM-12 Fleischwolf mit Kühlung

It is specifically designed for grinding meat in butchers, markets, hotels, restaurants and meat processing sector.

* Entirely manufactured AISI 304 stainless chrome body, head, bracelet, auger
* The perfect combination of auger and body dimensions for high efficiency
* Thanks to the removable groove-set, the machine is easy to clean. (Optional)
* The pipe and frost in the cooling system are hidden.
* The cooler is dismantled behind the machine. It can be detached and attached as the machine works independently when the cooler fails.
* Cooler temperature control system is digital and can be easily adjusted
* Reducer system

* 1 Stainless mirror (Italian/Salvador)
* 1 Steel blade
* 1 polyethylene hammer

All models are manufactured as three-phase (Industrial Electricity). It can be manufactured as single phase (Home Electricity) according to the need.

Machines can work with just 1 plate and 1 blade.

Plates are made in İtaly (Salvador) and stainless, blades are stainless Steel and made in Germany (L&W).


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