DBF Alser Machinery Automatic Vehicle Washing Systems

DBF Alser Machinery Automatic Vehicle Washing Systems

Fatih Mh., 1191. Sk. 5/8, 35410 Gaziemir/İzmir, Türkiye

We, ALSER MAKINA LTD. CO. is founded in İzmir/ TURKEY. The Company is active in International Trade and Production of Automatic Train Wash Systems as well as Automatic Car Wash Machines and Water Treatment and Re-cycling Plants.

ALSER MAKINA LTD. CO. is one of the world’s leading train washing system manufacturers. More than 30 train washing systems has been installed both in Turkey and all over the world from Australia to Tanzania, Malaysia to Azerbaijan.

We have installed more than 3000 Automatic Vehicle Wash Machines and Water Treatment and Re-cycling Plants in Turkey and globally including Dubai, Bulgaria, Russia, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Germany, China, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Georgia, Albania, Spain, Afghanistan, Serbia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Australia, Taiwan, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Netherland, Tanzania, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana and Romania.

Our mission is by following the Technologies in the Dynamics of the sector together with investments in the field of innovation and R&D to increase the personnel employment, to grow together with our suppliers, to improve our customer satisfaction, to continue quality product supply, to implement occupational health and safety norms during production and to produce by minimizing the negative environmental factors to the ecological structure and nature.

DBF utilizes modern CNC machines in the production plant and has a present production capacity of 250 machines per annum.

We manufacture different types and sizes of Automatic Vehicle Washing Systems including cars, vans, buses, trucks, rail systems like locomotives, wagons and train sets, dirty water treatment and recycling units, water softening units which are our own designs, and also hand manufacture tailor made machines to suit the needs of the customer.

DBF owns Production ISO 9001-2015 , ISO 14001-2015, ISO 45001- 2018 and EC Declaration of Conformity CE Certificate 2005-15 and 2006-15


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