DemirAslan Law Office

DemirAslan Law Office

Hoge-Aardstraat 24, 2610 Antwerpen, Belçika

Founded in Belgium, DemirAslan Law Office is a bureau providing services to local and foreign companies, institutions and individuals in Turkish, Dutch, French, German and English in many fields of law.

Our law firm was established by Nuray Demir, and in 2011 it increased its service areas with the activities carried out by DemirAslan Consulting Consultancy and Commercial Intermediation Company which was established in 2018 by our colleagues who have been providing consultancy services for many years, and since then, it proceeds on its way, vigorously.

We are expanding the areas that we had when we started such as family law, the law of foreigners, traffic/criminal law by analyzing the demands of individuals, and companies, within the frame of legal rules and we continue to offer services in many areas.

From day one, in line with our areas of expertise, which we started with the basis of providing human and law-guaranteed rights, we have resolved many problems before they began by providing a pre-consultancy service without expecting anything in return. This has always played an important role in our motivation and we continue our activities with the hope that it will continue in the same direction in the future.

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