Natural Material Bags

Natural Material Bags


Dried buri leaves are typically stripped from the fronds, dried, and then rolled. Usually, they are made available to farmers to use for bundling harvest palay stalks.

Using these leaves as raw material for woven handicrafts such as bags and hats will provide an alternative source of income for the locals. Dyeing dried buri leaves with different colors will further add value to the woven handicrafts.

During the training held, the women of the excused themselves from their usual house chores to learn how to make woven handicrafts. The 30 day training did not justprovide an opportunity for the women to learn buri drying, bleaching, and weaving processes but it also allowed them to discover how to add aesthetic value to the handicrafts they plan to produce. Armed with the basic skills they learned from the training, women can earn more income for their households.

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