Orange Cleaning Company

Orange Cleaning Company

Soğanlı, Gezer Sokak, 34100 Bahçelievler/İstanbul, Türkiye

We are at your service with our experienced cleaning staff in Bahçelievler cleaning company and its immediate surroundings! Regardless of the location, we carefully clean the areas you want as soon as possible. Thanks to our experience, we offer you the cleaning you request in a very short time.

Bahçelievler upholstery wash We clean your residences, workplaces, shops and private areas with care, as you wish.

Expert Cleaning with the Right Methods
Our experienced female cleaning team, who uses different cleaning products for every surface, provides fine cleaning service by taking into account your special requests. Our cleaning women clean special cleaning materials for wet floors such as bathrooms, kitchens, warehouses and balconies in a way that does not miss the smallest detail. Thanks to the experience of our expert team, all kinds of difficult dirt can be easily cleaned.

Using every necessary cleaning tool, our team removes stubborn stains from any surface. We provide delicate workmanship on surfaces that require special attention, such as carpets or fabric furniture.

Corporate Cleaning Service
We are just a phone call away from you in cleaning all kinds of corporate areas such as workplaces, offices, polyclinics, cafes/bars, shops and factories in Bahçelievler and its immediate surroundings! Our female cleaning experts will thoroughly clean any environment for you. Your spaces will be immaculate with our female cleaning experts who will meticulously use all kinds of chemicals according to your request!

Hygiene Areas Cleaning
Nursing home, private hospital, examination, hairdresser, beauty salon, barber, etc. We sterilize all kinds of areas that require special hygiene for you as soon as possible. The health of your customers is paramount. Remember, a clean workplace is always one step ahead.

We provide extra care in the living spaces used by our children and youth, such as nurseries, study centers, and classrooms.
If you specify, we offer services with special measures against individuals with asthma or another respiratory disease or allergy.

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