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Mesaj Gönder
Ürün #441

* Tamamen 304 kalite Paslanmaz
* 6 adet bıçaklı (Alman)
* 150*200 Kg/Saat kapasiteli
* Frekans konvertörlü
* 4 ileri + 1 geri devirli
* Joistik kontrol üniteli
* Isı görtergeli
* Kapak emniyet swiçli
* 15 Kw motor gücü
* 1,1 Kw Tekne motor gücü * Vakumlu


It is used for sausage, hotdog, DONER, meatball production and in meat processing sector.
*with vacuum
With the blades available in the reservoir, the product can be mixed with spice or other substances homogenously.
The product is thickened in maximum 10-15 minutes. Vacuum system can be added to the bigger capacities on demand. The bodies and trays of all models are made of 304 quality stainless chrome. Double cycled can be produced.
* It is made of entirely 304 quality stainless steel. *Hygienic. *It is easy and simple to use. *Easy to clean. CTR 20 kuter is designed for small scale companies and used in restaurants, sausage, hotdog sectors, chocolate and catering factories. s, sausage, hotdog sectors, chocolate and catering factories. 400-230 V / 50 Hz INVERTOR

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