A Place Where Nature and History Meet: Sinop

Karadenizin Cenneti Sinop

The Natural and Historical Texture of Sinop

Sinop is located in the northernmost part of our country and resembles a slender nose in appearance, being the Antalya of the Black Sea.

Hamsilos Bay

The most remarkable point of our beautiful province is Hamsilos; besides having a hidden structure that was used for resting or hiding by pirates in ancient times, it is the first and only naturally formed bay in the world.

Erfelek Waterfalls

Its lush greenery and high levels of oxygen can create an instant calming effect on your mind. The small district is nestled in a dense forest cover, and as you move further inside, signboards will direct you towards the waterfalls. It’s not advisable to visit here on a rainy day. The huge waterfall and the surrounding picnic area with its pond, the sound of water and animals create a peaceful atmosphere where you can find serenity. You also have the opportunity to climb up from the waterfall, enter the cave, and enjoy the panoramic view and take pictures. However, climbing up the steep stairs inside the cave may make you feel breathless.

Inalti Cave

The cave, which is 40 km away from Ayancık is 1070 meters above sea level and can not be reached by car.


In Ayancık district, there is also a hidden natural area in the forest where a lake is located with a picnic area around it. The presence of wild animals can also be observed in this area.

Akliman Ve Karakum Beaches

These beaches are a must-visit for those who want to enjoy the shimmering of blue water which is so clear that you can count the stones at the bottom. The two beaches are located in the downtown.

Historical Sinop Prison

If you visit the prison, you will shudder. There is an authentic restaurant where you can taste the famous “Nokul” and “Sinop Mantı” at the entrance. We recommend not leaving this place without trying them.

İnceburun Lighthouse

One of the most important lighthouses at the northernmost point of Turkey, İnceburun Lighthouse offers a magnificent view that will create a stunning scenery in your photos.

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