Taiwan CNC machine tool builder

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    Pride in the Taiwan Winner brand
    Taiwan Winner has introduced AP & APC series Tapping/Drilling machine to the worldwide market with the leading brand of “Winner”, are extremely popular among users since 2008.

    No stop research and innovation
    Taiwan Winner focuses on quality improvement ; innovation and provide suitable after sales service support for many years.

    WINNER branded products are sold throughout China and successfully introduced into the markets of Russia, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea & Japan, with proven reputation and has been endorsed unanimously by the majority of end-users.


    Roger Lou
    1. Taiwan CNC machine tool builder
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    5 Axis CNC Machining Centers

    Metal/Non-metal machining spare parts & components in processing from industrial fields by metal die Molds, plastic injection die molding, precision machinery, electronic machinery, power & electric machinery, automotive & motorcycle industries, bicycle industry, medical instrument and electronic device….that over 20 years experiences by operate the 5 axis CNC machining tools/5 axes CNC Machining Centers/5 axis CNC Milling Machines; 5/4 axis CNC vertical machining center tools/3 axis CNC Machine Tools/CNC lathes machine/CNC turning center/CNC drilling machines/CNC tapping machines/CNC grinders….etc.
    Completely manufacture 5/4/3 axis CNC machining tools/CNC Machining Centers/CNC Milling Machines; CNC Machine Tools series, 3 axes CNC Machining Tools Center series, vertical machining center/ linear guide ways CNC Machine Tools Center series, Box ways CNC Machining Tools Center series, double column CNC Machining Tools Center series.

    Performance Machining of 5 axis CNC Machining Centers/CNC Milling Machines/CNC machine tools

    Advantages- 5 axis CNC machining tools

    1 One time clamping the working piece to execute all machining task till reaching the result of the smooth surface of curve part.

    2. Modify the angle of working piece as it in processing to avoid the tooling’s interference that to finish all machining step & procedure.

    3 Fully take the best milling angle of tooling when meet the complex curve working piece, or use line touch forming method by vertical spiral tolling to instead the point touch forming method of balling tooling.

    Number of axes
    Spindle orientation
    Spindle mount
    Number of tool stations
    24 tools
    drilling, for the automobile industry, for the mold industry, for medical applications, for the plastics industry
    Other characteristics
    milling, direct-drive, tapping
    X travel
    1,100 mm
    (43 in)

    Y travel
    600 mm
    (24 in)

    Z travel
    600 mm
    (24 in)

    Rotational speed
    Min.: 0 rpm
    (0 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 12,000 rpm
    (75,398 rad.min-1)

    7.5 kW, 11 kW
    (10.2 hp, 14.96 hp)

    Table rotation (C axis)
    360 °

    Work feed X-axis
    10 m/min

    Work feed Y-axis
    10 m/min

    Work feed Z-axis
    10 m/min

    Table load capacity
    600 kg
    (1,323 lb)

    Tool weight (max)
    8 kg
    (17.6 lb)

    Min.: 7,000 kg
    (15,432.36 lb)

    Max.: 7,500 kg
    (16,534.67 lb)

    Overall length
    306 cm
    (120.5 in)

    Overall width
    275 cm
    (108.3 in)

    Overall height
    266 cm
    (104.7 in)

    Roger Lou
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